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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

An Open Invitation!

Dear Colleagues and Readers,

I greatly appreciate your time.

However, with every post on I became more convinced that a single blog is not the way I want to do that. While some other architecture sites can pull it off in spades, I do not think this site will be able to meet its potential without partners. I see a ton of potential in the multi-collaborator model. There is greater opportunity for peer review, each contributor has unique strengths and interests, and shared decision making leads to a better overall product.
To this end, I am proud to announce that we are now expanding our editorial board. I would like to welcome new authors and editors warmly to contribute to our architecture news portal. No particular experience is necessary, but solid writing skills and enthusiasm for architecture and urbanism are a must. Involvement in some aspect of social networking would be an asset, but we are happy to work with you to build your online presence.
The writing style is not purely academic. We want to make our posts entertaining and enjoyable to read. We encourage you to embedded pictures and references for your articles. In particular, we are looking for writers to contribute to the following sections:

1) Architecture
2) Urban Design and Planning
3) Interior Design
4) Design Technology
5) Training Programs and Workshops

While we are welcoming new writers, we want to ensure our content remains high quality and trustworthy. As such, we will continue to maintain a robust editorial and internal peer review process. Potential contributors should expect that your work will be reviewed by our team and returned for revisions before publication.
There are no absolute prerequisites, and I would encourage anyone that would be willing to write for Archreview to contact us! Hopefully, there are lots of great writers out there that are interested in contributing to our architecture news portal “Archreview”.

Thank you!

Mohammed Amer Younus 
Editor-in-Chief, Archreview