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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Riccardo Mariano: Istanbul disaster prevention + education centre

'istanbul disaster prevention + education centre' by riccardo mariano, istanbul, turkey
all images courtesy riccardo mariano

riccardo mariano has designed ‘istanbul disaster prevention + education centre’ as an entry for the thyssenkrupp elevator 
istanbul disaster prevention + education center competition. the complex is a reflection of earth-related phenomena as the surrounding site lifts to form a volcano-like structure. from inside, coloful lights pour upwards, a reflection of man-made energy. 
although the nearby landscape contains a creek while the north has civil infrastructure, the building is located on a flat topographical surface allowing the low profile center to visually emerge. 


the internal façade consists of drawings which were derived from a typical islamic pattern. based on the hexagonal grid, 
the system modulates the light, adding color as it passes through its different densities. the built-in light gets stronger 
as it gets closer to the top, allowing for it to be seen from a distance at night. 

structurally, every sector works as an independent entity connected to the next by cracks and joints. 
this principle is based on the observation of the geometry of fractures in solid material. overall, the building is 
a fragmented mass made out of simple substructures. outside, the gravel from the surrounding site is continued onto the façade. 
the material acts as installation for noise and temperature while visually tying the building into the landscape. 

main hall

floor plan / level 0

cutaway section


exploded axonometric

internal facade system

shape generation diagram

conceptual form diagram

plan diagram

Kowalski + Wiercinski + Wrzeszcz: sky street car park tower, hong kong

'sky street car park tower' by hugon kowalski + adam wiercinski + borys wrzeszcz, hong kong
all images courtesy 
hugon kowalski + adam wiercinski + borys wrzeszcz

poland-based hugon kowalski + adam wiercinski + borys wrzeszcz have designed 'sky street', a submission for 
the ac-ca international competition to produce a car park tower situated in the dense urban district of hong kong. 
the proposal intends to create parking spaces which are an extension of the street. the typical city-street complete with traffic lanes, 
parking spaces, sidewalks and trams were taken and shaped the building form. comprised of two intertwined spirals which seamlessly 
merge at the top of the structure, the configuration supports collision-free circulation while defining the external appearance with 
visible contours from the upward outer ramp with a mirrored downward internal ramp. at the midway point, a connection across 
the center void allows cars to transition and continue driving in the same direction. 

positioned within the panorama of skyscrapers adjacent to victoria bay, the spherical profile of the 100 meter tower becomes 
a new symbol for the area. the egg profile is constructed with concrete and supported with a steel frame. at night, 
illumination emanating from the curved facade is dictated by the volume of vehicles and trams entering the interior creating 
the effect of a glowing lantern. in two locations inside, suspended platforms provide multipurpose spaces.

view from the street

spiral parking spaces

multipurpose platform area

view of interior ramp from the external spiral

conceptual diagram

(left) shape
(right) circulation

(left) section
(right) program

hong kong skyline

Gracia Studio: endémico resguardo silvestre

'endémico resguardo silvestre' by gracia studio, valle de guadalupe, mexico
all images courtesy gracia studio

scattered along the sloping terrain of valle de guadalupe, mexico, 'endémico resguardo silvestre' is a cluster of twenty hotel rooms, 
designed by san diego-based practice gracia studio. positioned within a landscape of vineyards, each ecoloft has panoramic vistas 
overlooking the scenic valley below. placed upon steel stilts, the 20 square meter cubes hover above the rocky ground, minimally interfering
with the savannah continuing underneath. corten steel was selected to surface the small structures, aging with time to blend into
the rustic hues of the encompassing nature.

with each unit strategically oriented to unobstructed views directed towards the valley, guests may close their personal entry door 
and feel isolated in nature. attached to each cabin, a personal patio and fireplace allow for comfortable lounging outside.
the 99 hectare complex is completed with a nearby winery and pool.

view from the sloping terrain below

overlooking the valley below

nestled into the rocky terrain

the facades of the cabins may be completely enclosed

personal patio adjacent to each structure

view from a cabin


(left) view from bedroom
(right) bathroom with predominantly black decor

(left) alternative interior
(right) interior with white decor

view of bedroom and bathroom

at dusk

seamlessly transition into the landscape

illuminated at night

warm fire overlooking wine country

pool area for the cluster of cabins

cabins illuminated within the landscape

OMA presentation of the shenzhen stock exchange

'the shenzhen stock exchange' by OMA, shenzhen, chinaimage © wanyu he

on a recent trip to shenzhen, china, designboom got up close and personal with rotterdam-based practice OMA
michael korkora, associate in charge, gave an in-depth presentation on the building which is currently under construction.
as towers of the past have been associated with a supporting structure that embeds and cuts itself off to the exterior public zones,
this building elevates the base creating an urban connection to its surrounding context with a co-planar area of interaction and reflection.
as the traditional actives of the stock exchange evolve into highly technological labs of communication, 
the interior programming for this space reflect the needs of workers to be exposed to green spaces, areas of celebration, collaboration and artistic expression.
we have complied a video to showcase the complexity and nuances that have gone into designing the details of this tower.

image © wanyu he

image © michael kokora

detail of glass facade
image © michael kokora

interior construction
image © baixiao ix

image © baixiao ix

image © michael kokora

east atrium elevators
image © OMA

raised podium facade
image © OMA

8th floor listing hall
image © OMA

9th floor market watching department
image © OMA

45th floor sky garden
image © OMA

exterior gardens
image © OMA

north park
image © OMA

evening rendering
image © OMA