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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Samoo Architecture PC co-Designs Winning Project, Taekwondo ‘One’, Design-Build Competition

Samoo Architecture PC, with the project lead Samsung C & T Corporation and Samoo Architects & Engineers in Seoul, Korea, have been awarded first prize and the building/construction commission for the new Taekwondo Park World Headquarters in Muju, Korea.
To be located on 570 acres of beautiful old growth woodlands, natural streams and valleys, the Park and associated building complexes are to become a world cultural heritage site emphasizing the spirit, beauty and sport of Taekwondo as well as the culture of Korean. The Park will be the home to the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation, World Taekwondo Headquarters, World Taekwondo Federation, Korean Taekwondo Federation, CISM Taekwondo Committee Headquarters, Taekwonjeon, Myungingwan, a sports arena, visitor and exhibition centers, a premier training and lodging facility and a cultural tourist destination for visitors to discover the artistry and spirit of Taekwondo in its birthplace of Korea.

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The design of Taekwondo ‘One’ is the embodiment of the ‘holistic’ training in Taekwondo; to prepare the Body – Body ‘One’, inspire the Mind – ‘Mind ‘One’ and complete the Spirit – Spirit ‘One’. The “Spirit of Taekwondo – Spirit of Korea” embodies the character of the institutions’ mission, to develop a world cultural heritage site emphasizing several key goals:
Create a ‘Place’ which fosters and promotes the research, education and practice of the foundations of Taekwondo for practitioners and visitors throughout the world.
Create a center to promote Korean and Taekwondo Culture and Art through an international network of exchange.
Provide opportunities to promote socio-cultural and sustainable synergy between the local economy, the Taekwondo Park and Korean heritage to further encourage self-supporting principals of shared commitment and cooperation.

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