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Monday, 9 April 2012

Helixxx Pedestrian Bridge for Amsterdam

‘Helixxx Bridge’ is a proposal designed by Eugenio Aglietti for a pedestrian bridge in front of theAmsterdam Hermitage Museum. The program includes a bridge which connects the two banks of Amstel river, facilites and public spaces. The concept is based on the latest instruments of computational design and the project development is the result of a progressive series of steps where each pass could be explained and justified.
The starting point of the Helixxx Bridge is based on the span of the bridge (82 meters) and on the museum‘s inner courtyard dimensions. The repetition of the main section towards the Hermitage creates a grid of 25 planar elements and to emphasize the access to the museum the last section is 90° rotated, so the helix is the perfect way to connect the sections with steel pipes. The three ‘X’ created by the shape of the bridge symbolize the Saint Andrew’s Crosses of Amsterdam: ”Valiant, Steadfast, Compassionate”.
A continuous frontier around defines the volume of the footbridge and underlines the path to the Hermitage; it consists of two materials: the glass allows to enjoy the view over the Amstel and the perforated ceramic panels let the air to enter, creating a microclimate into the bridge.

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