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Saturday, 30 June 2012


This experimental project was undertaken under the supervision of Ben Hewitt at the University of Technology Sydney. The studio centered on the use of organisational diagrams as a generator of architectural form. The theories and work of Ben Van Berkel and UN Studio were used as an underpinning in this project.
The building is a cultural landmark incorporating performance spaces, gallery space, creative workshops, offices and leisure facilities. It is structured around a parametric looping circulation path  which circumnavigates the buildings interior spaces, bringing people up and through the building. Located at King Street Wharf, adjacent to the Barangaroo development the project aimed to diversify the precincts program and appeal by adding a culturally significant  and iconic development.
The conceptual diagrams were generated using parametric modeling techniques which allowed the setout of the complex form and paths. 3d renderings were used throughout the process to access the projects aesthetic implications.

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