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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Mecanoo architects + CODE: knowledge + cultural square in kongsberg, norway

'knowledge + cultural square' by mecanoo architects + CODE, kongsberg, norway
all images courtesy of mecanoo architects

Delft-based mecanoo architects, oslo-based CODE arkitektur and buro happold have been selected to complete a 'knowledge + cultural square' in the center of kongsberg, located 75 meters southwest of oslo in norway. a 24,000 square meter cultural and teaching building with the ability to accommodate student housing, sports facilities and businesses. the 'silver factory' concept hopes to revitalize the historic west side to create a new urban heart. the form is generated with stacked rectilinear volumes which frame views of the surrounding landscape.
a large internal space is generated by a layering and overlapping of the various functions. their placement around a centralized public forum generates a bustling and energetic interior.

perimeter veranda


view within the landscape

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