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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Koseki architect office: OH residence

'OH residence' by koseki architect office in osaka, japan
all images courtesy koseki architect office
image © toshihide kajiwara

'OH residence' by japanese practice koseki architect office is a two-storey private dwelling
in a quiet residential neighbourhood of osaka, japan. simple and regular in volume,
the design inserts a garden space that is bound by a porous, mesh-like facade to dissolve
the physical border between the indoor and outdoor environments.

front elevation
image © toshihide kajiwara

characterized by a pixelated elevation from the street, the house utilizes a large steel mesh
with suspended stone tiles that serves as a multi-storey fence by the entrance. the treatment
allows for a permeable skin with partial views of the sheltered garden space within.
continuing the same language, the roof form that  extends over the outdoor zone features
multiple roof lights of various sizes that further provide a sense of open space.

interior view
image © toshihide kajiwara

seeking to establish a direct dialogue with the outdoor elements, the interior programs
which face onto the garden are lined by floor-to-ceiling glazing. the sliding windows allow
the dwelling to easily expand out into the outdoor terrace as well as to promote natural ventilation.
visual connections to the garden are continued to the second storey with a small balcony that
overlooks the private outdoor space below.

dining and kitchen space by the garden
image © toshihide kajiwara

view of atrium
images © toshihide kajiwara

small balcony on second level
image © toshihide kajiwara

access to roof
image © toshihide kajiwara

lighting effects at night
image © toshihide kajiwara

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