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Friday, 23 December 2011

OODA + OOIIO architecture: leeuwarden housing

'leeuwarden housing - urban water lilies' by OODA + OOIIO architecture, leeuwarden, the netherlands
all images courtesy OODA + OOIIO architecture

portuguese firm OODA and madrid-based OOIIO architecture have collaborated to create 'leeuwarden housing - urban water lilies',
a residential proposal in leeuwarden, the netherlands. the design integrates water from the adjacent river, cultural traditions and
a balance of rural character within an urban setting. derived from the presence of water lilies in the freisland province, the site has
been envisioned as a series of lily pads upon which rest a diverse range of housing typologies.

view of site from the leeuwarden river

a series of waterways divide plots with structures, green spaces and agricultural areas. comprised of a network of floating islands,
the masterplan bridges between water and land creating opportunities for sustainable ecosystems to develop. the city and natural
environment are able to coexist, while integrating sports, agricultural and public areas for dwellers. access for cars and bicycle paths
weave through the complex. sustainability is introduced with an apartment tower of stacked volumes with integrated wind turbines
to power the site along with various locations for solar and geothermal energy collection as well as water recycling.

central public square

circulation paths between green spaces and water areas

canals linking the lily pads

apartment tower

location map

context map

site plan

water areas diagram

green areas diagram

built areas diagram

public areas diagram

circulation diagram

construction phases diagram

sustainable strategies

site diagram

program diagram

pond diagram

lily pads diagram

formalization diagram

site overview

housing diagram

housing diagram

housing diagram

housing diagram

housing diagram

housing diagram

housing diagram

housing diagram

marina apartments diagram

apartments tower diagram

conceptual site model

project info:

OODA: diogo brito, rodrigo vilas-boas, francisco lencastre, francisca santos, diogo mesquita, lourenço menezes
OOIIO: joaquín millán villamuelas, jesús reyes garcía, joanna siejak, ana sánchez torrecilla, emiliano d´incecco,
ana mendicuti, juan josé ortega lópez

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