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Friday, 18 May 2012

Elevated Theatre for NYC

The site is located at the western part of midtown Manhattan NYC at the present Hudson Yards MTA rail tracks. The site is the focal point of the regeneration of the High Line Elevated Park and finishes the long history of misuse of one of the masterpieces of 20th century heritage. The position of the site on the NYC map lends itself to becoming a stitch between different neighborhoods and the Hudson River, and being transformed into an invigorated cosmopolitan center with a direct view of NYC’s landmark Empire State Building and the midtown business district.
The project designed by Ayrat Khusnutdinov is in an intermediate position between urban design and architecture. The number one issue the project deals with is creation of proper relationships and preservation of the High Line Elevated Park. This is the core factor around which the project develops. Another point is connection of dispersed neighborhoods via new pedestrian pathways and nodes – decolonization from the motorized transport in this part of the city and transformation into a place accessible for pedestrians. The last point is to connect aforementioned urban agenda to the rich public functions of the new theatre complex which provides the opportunity for independent theatre teams to perform.

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