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Friday, 18 May 2012

UNstudio: Arnhem Central Platform Roofs

'arnhem central station - platform roofs' by UNstudio
photos by Ronald Tilleman
arnhem central in the netherlands is a hub for several regional routes and high speed trains which run between the 
neighbouring country of germany. as passenger numbers continue to grow, the railway station's infrastructure is being 
substantially revitalized. most recently, a fourth platform has been added, and all of the roofs have been replaced with a 
new design developed by dutch architecture practice UNstudio.
the overall concept of the transportation hub is composed of structural spans embedded with large roof lights, 
which add a sense of brightness and space to the environment, offering an overall positive experience to the transfer platforms 
and their surroundings. an elevated footbridge connects the passenger waiting areas with each other and the north entrance to the train station. 
an electrified system has also been incorporated into the roof structure, providing a uniform appearance across the entire terminal. 
last july, the platform tunnel opened to the public, while construction of the transfer terminal will happen in two phases, 
and is set to open for service in 2014. 

stairway leading up to one of the platforms

view of the new roof infrastructure

night view of one of the new platform roofs

alternative view of central arnhem

project info:

prorail, utrecht
arnhem, the netherlands
platform roofs with integrated elevated footbridge for (high speed) train station gross roof area: approximately 8700 m²
4 platform roofs of approximately 210 metres long, with varying widths from 9-14 metres
structure and materials: 
steel, aluminum and cold formed glass roofs
start of construction: 
completion date: 
ben van berkel with arjan dingsté and marc hoppermann, marc herschel, derrick diporedjo, kristin sandner, rein werkhoven
bam-dura vermeer
photos: ronald tilleman

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