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Friday, 18 May 2012

NL architects: Bicycle Club

'bicycle club' by NL architects, hainan, china
all images courtesy of NL architects

'bicycle club' is a pavilion dedicated to bicycling in hainan, china designed by amsterdam-based NL architects.
a rooftop cycling arena is supported by a glass-enclosed cafe at ground level. the oval-footprint structure's protruding canopy 
is essential due to the tropical climate, shading the perimeter seating. the elegant upward curvature of the eaves evokes 
the form of the traditional and functional pagoda.

visitors set their bicycles within a recessed trough and easily walk up two staircases to the open-air velodrome. 
the area beneath by the stairs contains and conceals public restrooms. part of a resort club, guests may rent from the facility 
incorporated into the entry.

rooftop bicycle track appears to float above a glass-enclosed cafe at ground level

pavilion within context

approach to the pavilion

side view

aerial view

aerial view of rooftop bicycle track

floor plan / level 0

roof plan


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