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Monday, 8 April 2013

Low-cost bamboo housing in vietnam by H&P architects

low-cost bamboo housing in vietnam by H&P architects
vietnamese low cost housing by H&P architects
six member family
 Developed by vietnamese H&P architects

The low-cost housing project is situated in a flood-stricken region that receives extreme temperatures
year-round. meeting the basic residential needs of a residential dwelling, the building will be assembled using minimal components and bamboo
module units. secured using anchors, ties and solid connections, the structure will be strong enough to float in floods. built with local materials
such as bamboo, leaves and recycled oil containers, the concept combines traditional architectural characteristics to distinguish the exterior fabric.
costing just under 2000USD per unit, the plan allows for mass-production, and the ability for villagers to build themselves.

eight member family



eight member family diagram

building steps




6 member family


: h&p architects project details
location: middle of vietnam

architect in charge: doan thanh ha & tran ngoc phuong

team: dang xuan hoa, tran ngoc thach, nguyen xuan tung
completion date (phase 1): mar. 2011

completion date (phase 2): mar. 2013

status: under construction (testing)

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