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Wednesday, 28 September 2011


'museo dell'energia' by arquitecturia, ascó, tarragona, catalonia, spain
image © pedro pegenaute

spanish practice arquitecturia has recently completed 'museo dell'energia', a museum dedicated to the education of diverse
energy sources located ascó within the tarragona region of catalonia, spain. two juxtaposed concave facades directs attention
towards the adjacent ebro river and encompassing mediterranean landscape. the rectilinear elevations are oriented to screen
the industrial areas of the nearby urban center and intersecting voids create open air enclosures accessible from the galleries.
framed with a low partition at the ground level, the facade overhangs to frame views of the vegetated courtyard against the sky.

entry plaza
image © pedro pegenaute

polycarbonate panels bound the curving entry facades which define two outdoor plazas while the linear elevations are clad with
a repeated pattern of parallel steel striations. a black and white color scheme proceeds to the interior providing visitors with a
seamless transition from the exterior. the building's form receives patrons and guides movement into gallery spaces which lead
to unveil the surrounding grounds upon traversing the exhibitions.

entry facade
image © pedro pegenaute

main entrance
image © pedro pegenaute

change in cladding from entrance facade to the side elevation
image © pedro pegenaute

partially enclosed courtyard
image © pedro pegenaute

polycarbonate facade illuminated from the interior at night
image © pedro pegenaute

entrance at night
image © pedro pegenaute

backside of building
image © pedro pegenaute

concave elevation
image © pedro pegenaute

interior corridor
image © pedro pegenaute

entrance to open air courtyard
image © pedro pegenaute

floor plan / level 0
image © arquitecturia

image © arquitecturia

conceptual site diagram
image © arquitecturia

project info:

location: ascó, tarragon, catalonia. spain
architects: josep camps + olga felip
colab.: m. agudo, i. sola, a. horta, j. farres, a. serrats
photographer: pedro pegenaute
engineer: prointec
structure: gmkgrup

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