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Wednesday, 28 September 2011


'momento beach' by no_made, marina di carrara, italy
all images courtesy of no_made

italian practice no_made has completed 'momento beach' a cafe/bar in marina di carrara, italy. designed to provide a
minimal visual impact, this 7 meter wide and 14 meter long container is camouflaged into the surrounding context.
the adjacent boats and ocean are reflected by three glass facades while the remaining surfaces are clad with sand-hued
metal slats. a flat roof appears to wrap the rear vertical wall and continues to the horizontal plane as a platform and
extended patio below the elevated volume. steel wide flanges are bent and curved to form continuous structural sections
to support the cantilevered canopy.

outdoor patio

continuing the monochromatic color palette, the interior is lined with bands of natural wood. evoking a temporary nature,
the building is merely bolted to the ground, resting on its foundation. necessary equipment for the programmatic spaces
are placed along opaque partitions to maintain transparency and open sight lines.

back of structure

facade concealing kitchen functions

patio with ocean views seamlessly integrates into the existing paving material

visually neutral structure

floor plan / level 0

roof plan







project info:

country: italy
city: marina di carrara
type: commercial bar restaurant
construction year: 2010
building area: 108.00 mq
building length: 14.65 m
building width: 7.40 m
building height: 3.80 m
number of floors: 1

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