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Monday, 19 September 2011

Fluid Frames – Pushkinsky Cinema / GloMad

By: admin | June - 21 - 2011

This project, designed by Gabriel Aranda and Alejandro Ramos from GloMad is their entry for the Pushkinsky Cinema Competition in Moscow, Russia. The idea consists in a new skin or façade thought as a sunscreen that works as a barrier between the weather and the original building. The façade is divided in three layers: the original one, a curved glazed one, and the sunscreen layer. The last one works as a gradual transition between the exterior and the interior while creating a horizontal linear pattern. Its appearance will change throughout the day, and when viewed from different angles – it is in this moment when architecture works as interface for reality. This architecture produces different spatial organizations; it does not define space but creates relations between subjects, activities, and flows.

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