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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Rotating Mangrove Towers – New Indonesian Sustainability

By: Lidija Grozdanic | June - 20 - 2011

Designed by Agung Mahaputra, Andika Priya Utama, Arief Aditya Putra, Dely Hamzah, Nidia Safiana, and Rahadi Utomo, the proposal offers a unique way of integrating densely populated architecture into the natural environment of Northern Jakarta. The site is surrounded by mangrove forest whose delicate ecosystem is left without an undue footprint. The idea consists of two asymmetrical towers that rotate to get the beautiful vista while capturing sunlight from morning to midday. A corridor without artificial air conditioner encircles each floor. The corridors serve as a barrier between the sun’s heat and the workspace. They absorb the heat gain while allowing light in thereby reducing the dependence on electricity for artificial light and air in the buildings.
The Mangrove concept offers flexible spaces on each floor. A skeletal structure is used as the main structural system for the façade, which provides shade for interior spaces. The density of this shading system varies and is adjustable with the annual movement of the sun.
The Towers are designed to become part of the mangrove forest of Jakarta in that it can be used by the public. They are open to the public as an extension of the forest: the Java sea, the mangroves, the promenade, the tower ground floor, the podium floor, and the roof floor are designed to be accessible by those who want to enjoy the north sea of Jakarta. A dynamic pedestrian bridge escorts visitors from the promenade up to the podium level. The buildings are inaccessible by car. In order to preserve the health of the forest, the project promotes accessibility to only pedestrians and cyclists.

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