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Monday, 31 October 2011

Artist retreat by 0 to 1 architects

'artist retreat' by 0 to 1 architects, fiskars, finland
image © 0 to 1 architects
all images courtesy of  0 to 1 architects

0 to 1 architects, a new york-based firm has completed an 'artist retreat', located in fiskars, finland. the village is a popular tourist
destination for the artisan community and hosts many events and exhibitions during the summer months. located on the property 
of a finnish fine artist, this structure took its form its surrounding climate, culture and recommendations of the client.

the section of the structure is a quarter of an octagon. the volume increases in size from building's front to back creating separate 
areas for different activities. the largest room contains the utility cube with sleeping loft above while the central work studio opens 
to an outdoor terrace which conforms to the angled roof enclosure. ranging from 2.1 meters to 4.3 meters in height, the trapezoidal 
door is a pivot wall connecting the interior space to the exterior terrace. the structure takes its form from vertical wood boards and 
glass surface the outside while concrete footings were used for the design. 

image © 0 to 1 architects

interior perspective
image © 0 to 1 architects

floor plan / level 1
image © 0 to 1 architects

image © 0 to 1 architects

elevation diagram
image © 0 to 1 architects

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