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Friday, 4 November 2011

Prefab Treehotels Hit the Market

Tham & Videgård’s Treehotel has garnered many mentions on Architizer and beyond. With its graceful synthesis of art, design, and sustainability, the suspended mirrored cube has a seemingly universal appeal, exuding our deepest architectural retreat fantasies. But now you don’t have to simply fantasize about your perfect trip to Harads, Sweden. Treehotel has introduced the Mirrorcube, a prefab version of Tham & Videgård’s original design, and it is now available for purchase!
Each Mirrorcube comes in two ready-to-assemble modules designed to fit snugly around your tree of choice. The base of the cube is constructed out of lightweight aluminum, and the mesmerizing exterior is clad in reflective glass. The hermetically sealed interior is constructed out of wood and filled with furniture, textiles and lighting selected by Tham & Videgård. Better yet, the Swedish tree architecture experts behind Treehotel will handle the construction, transport and installation. The lucky purchaser just has to choose the perfect spot.

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