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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Fashion Center Labels Berlin 2

HHF Architects have created a new fashion center Labels Berlin 2. At the beginning of the year 2007 they won the competition and in the spring this the fashion center opened its door. This complex houses a series of showrooms of well-known international brands. This exceptional concentration of top brands stores in one fashion center is complemented by public areas, concert hall, restaurants and lounge rooms. The concept of the building was inspired by another fashion center Label Berlin 1 situated just few meters away. The facade of this historical building comprises a series of arched windows. Architects took advantage of this element and it became the key element of the design. Thanks to that they proofed that even a modern building can be embedded in the existing build-up area. The project is unique not as much for its shape or details, but its one of a kind construction. The entire concrete skeleton is perforated by water piping that serves for heating and cooling. The energy consumption was decreased by unbelievable 40%.

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