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Friday, 4 November 2011

Nanjing Set To Get 485m Tall Aedas Design

The energy may have gone out of Dubai but in China the supertall boom continues, this time with a 485 metre tall skyscraper designed by Aedas on Hunan Lu in the Chinese city of Nanjing.

Developed by the Suning Group, the star of the show is a 105 floor mixed-use building which is inspired by Pan Long. If you're not Chinese the reference may be lost on you, but this is basically a mythical Chinese dragon famous for its spiralling shape. Within will be serviced apartments on the upper floors that have narrower floor-plates, with offices occupying the middle floors with their larger floor sizes.

At the base, taking advantage of the broad internal sizes of each floor will be 8 levels suitable for either offices or retail meaning the tower could stand atop a shopping mall if the developer so decides.

The building has been designed with cladding that will allow the air to circulate naturally through it and around the building, saving on air conditioning costs. The other advantage of this is that by absorbing some of the on-coming wind rather than deflecting it, the structure is faced with less stress and thus less material can be used to construct it.

The site isn't just the main tower though. The Suning Group has assembled a parcel of land that takes into account the neighbouring site too and Aedas has tried to link them together as one unified development thus the lower floors of the tower connect to a low-rise building next door via four levels, and then continue through to the neighbouring trio shorter residential towers of 200 metres, 170 metres and 140 metres on the far end of the adjacent plot.


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