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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Insite: base camp chewton

'base camp chewton' by insite in victoria, australia
all images courtesy insite
image © ben glezer

melbourne-based architecture practice insite has shared with us images of 'base camp chewton',
a single-level weekend house located on the edge of the great dividing range in victoria, australia. 
resting on a naturally inclined site surrounded by trees, the design features a slight cantilever to 
the east which elongates the form towards the view below. 

exterior view
image © ben glezer

simple and rectangular in plan, the overall form of the dwelling carves out a series of 
oblique angles in its profile. the asymmetrical butterfly roof collects rainwater for greywater use
as well as solar energy to heat water. conceived to openly interact with the nature of the site, 
the northern elevation is defined by a flexible strip of sliding steel screens that serve as
an interface between the interior and exterior. the inhabitants have complete control over 
the level of privacy in addition to the quality of the microclimate within.  

image © ben glezer

alternative entrance
image © ben glezer

cantilevered balcony space
image © ben glezer

metal screens closed
image © ben glezer

metal screens opened
image © ben glezer

metal screen partially opened
image © ben glezer

arranged in a linear fashion, the 'one room wide' layout is compact yet multi-functional 
with spaces that can adapt to a specific use: a japanese-style 'tatami lounge' serves as 
the buffer room between the living space and bedrooms. spilling on to a sheltered veranda area, 
the lounge can extend the activities of the dwelling out into the open. 

from balcony
image © ben glezer

view from interior
image © ben glezer

tatami lounge
image © ben glezer

image © ben glezer

image © ben glezer

image © ben glezer 

site plan

floor plan


north elevation - no screens shown

north elevation - screens in half open position

north elevation - screens in closed position

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