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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Chris idema + reinier simons: twentyeleven project kenya

'twentyeleven - project kenya' by chris idema + reinier simons, nairobi, kenya, africa
all images courtesy chris idema + reinier simons

netherland-based chris idema + reinier simons have created 'twentyeleven: project kenya', a housing development which re-imagines 

the current slums in nairobi, kenya, africa without enforcing a westernized ideal onto an existing culture. by working together with
the 236 inhabitants - including 52 families, 15 small companies and three workshops - a new building plan is being developed for
the people currently living in the slums of nairobi. the existing norms and values are integrated into an organized structure,
ensuring it is a flexible and adaptable design while giving them clean water, a controlled cooking environment and
better living conditions in general.      
overall, the new living conditions are meant to give the members of the community more time and engery to develop themselves,
their children and their environment in a place that is comfortable and familiar. 
a view over the workshops

the solution?

aerial view

architectural model







single unit

current conditions

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