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Saturday, 17 December 2011

EstudioSIC: GH genhelix biopharmaceutical facilities

'GH genhelix biopharmaceutical facilities' by estudioSIC, león, spain
all images courtesy estudioSIC

spanish practice estudioSIC has sent us images of the recently completed 'GH genhelix biopharmaceutical facilities', 
a research facility and antibody monoclonal manufacturing plant located in león, spain. the transverse sides of the rectilinear volume 
are treated with a metal screen which may be easily removed for projected additions by merely extruding the building for additional 
internal space and reapplying the facade. five areas for offices, laboratories, production, utilities and warehouses are compactly combined 
to allow efficient circulation and control. sited near high speed train line connecting madrid and asturias, the structure is elevated to clearly 
see the passing trains. the cantilevered canopy becomes the entry, welcoming visitors into the ground level reception area.

maintaining a 6 by 7.5 meter modular grid reduced construction costs while the external identity was established by placing
vertical cylindrical panels with the logo applied to the surface. the graphic is viewed differently from different perspectives 
accommodating for the speed and direction of the observer. the working environment maintains a white and clean atmosphere 
to uphold the image of the company.

metal screen facade with company logo


cars pass below the building

metal screen facade detail

ground level lobby

stairs and integrated waiting area

first floor

first floor corridor


roof terrace

floor plan / level 0


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