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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Shift architecture urbanism: topos

'topos' by shift architecture urbanism, tilburg, the netherlands
all images courtesy shift architecture urbanism

dutch firm shift architecture urbanism has created 'topos', a competition proposal for an eco-retail development for tilburg, 
the netherlands. elements of the plan include block residences, campus, restaurant and solitaire. placed upon an earthwork
within the landscape, the 'block' manifests as a greenhouse structure with a large space to grow food and hold local markets. 
the cross form footprint with transparent and operable corners introduces cross-ventilation while blurring the boundary 
between the interior and the outdoor gardens. 

next door, a cluster of cubic volumes referred to as 'campus', reveals itself from the sloping ground. arranged around 
a central internal court, the facades of each building creates a continuous horizontal band which responds to the shifting topography. 
a restaurant is concealed by a body of earth with an outdoor dining terrace emerging from the carved seating area. foldable window 
panels allow the south facade to open, temporarily eliminating a boundary from the encompassing nature.

block building

a vase-like pavilion topped with a circular dish of vegetation becomes a focal landmark for the site. the sculptural element
contains a core with restrooms while a circular footprint enclosed with curved glass provides space for small shops. 

in the next phase of this project, the architects will implement winning aspects of their design and collaborate to form a new 
hybrid plan which incorporates winning elements from the plans of two other firms.

block interior






block floor plan / level 0
1. central shop
2. cornershops
3. frontshops
4. coffee corner
5. kitchen
6. info
7. tree patios
8. office
9. entrance facilities
10. logistics and storage

campus floor plan / level 0
1. central square
2. shop
3. restaurant
4. cooking studio
5. logistics and storage
6. entrance facilities

restaurant floor plan / level 0
1. restaurant
2. terrace towards square
3. terrace towards arboretum
4. office
5. logistics and storage
6. preparation
7. counter
8. scullery

solitaire floor plan / level 0
1. shop
2. facade of glass panels
3. office
4. storage
5. docking station facade

block isometric

campus isometric

restaurant isometric

solitaire isometric

project info:

architect: shift architecture urbanism, rotterdam
advisor: ABT
location: tilburg, the netherlands
visualisations: A2 studio
design masterplan: .fabric & lola
client: landgoed de groene kamer
program: eco-retail, leisure, education, public space & landscape prizes
campus: 1st prize
block: 2nd prize
restaurant: 2nd prize
pavilion: 3rd prize

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