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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Apollo Architects and Associates: le 49

'le 49' by apollo architects and associates, kanagawa, japan
all images courtesy of apollo architects and associates
image © masao nishikawa

set upon mount kamakura in kanagawa, japan is 'le 49', a single family dwelling by japanese architect satoshi kurosaki 
of apollo architects and associates. overlooking sagami bay, the two-storeys of staggered volumes reveal framed views after 
an internal procession to the upper level. triangular pilotis emerge from the sloping terrain to support the structure. 
at ground level, an entry corridor leads to a master bedroom and bath along with a workshop with access to an adjacent 
outdoor courtyard. a memorial tree is planted within the garden, enclosed with the home's concrete base and open to the sky 
so the leafy canopy may surpass the top edges of the walls as it grows over time.

white stairs lead to the off-set first floor, creating a constrained glimpse of an intricate wooden ceiling drawing inhabitants upstairs.
upon ascension, the entire pentagonal roof is revealed as well as the delicately crafted details of the framework's steel 
and wooden beams. diversely sized windows respond to the surrounding greenery and ocean, becoming larger for the dramatic vista 
towards the city and bringing the landscape to the interior. sliding glass doors stretching the width of the balcony allow an 
open connection with nature and the outdoors. the kitchen's appliances are cleanly stowed into the wall, accentuating the minimalist lines of the exterior's form. 

interior illumination reveals the staggered placement of the concrete volumes
image © masao nishikawa

view of balcony from the entrance
image © masao nishikawa

(left) entry corridor
(right) ground level bedroom
images © masao nishikawa

ground level courtyard adjacent to the workshop
image © masao nishikawa

master bedroom and bath
image © masao nishikawa

stairs to common areas
image © masao nishikawa

upper level
image © masao nishikawa

pentagonal roof tops the kitchen and living area
image © masao nishikawa

(left) kitchen
(right) living area with a framed view to the forested mountain
images © masao nishikawa

view of kitchen from living area
image © masao nishikawa

image © masao nishikawa

daytime view to sagami bay
image © masao nishikawa

balcony at dusk
image © masao nishikawa

view of living area from kitchen
image © masao nishikawa

kitchen and living area
image © masao nishikawa

(left) detail of the roof's apex and joining of wooden beams
(right) view towards balcony from stair
images © masao nishikawa

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level 1







project info:

architecture: satoshi kurosaki/apollo architects & associates 
photography: masao nishikawa
location: kamakurayama kamakura city kanagawa
date of completion: december 2011
principal use: private house
structure: steel
site area: 111.92m2
total floor area: 182.70m2 (79.29m2/1f, 103.41m2/2f)
structural engineer: taro yokoyama
mechanical engineer: zenei shimada
exterior finish: hydorotect colorcoat eco-ex
floor: rose wood flooring, tile
wall: acrylic resin vernish
ceiling: acrylic resin vernish

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