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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mizuishi architect atelier: house in horinouchi

'house in horinouchi' by mizuishi architect atelier in suginami, tokyo, japan
all images courtesy mizuishi architect atelier
image © hiroshi tanigawa

japanese practice mizuishi architect atelier (kota mizuishi) has sent us images of 'house in horinouchi',
a two-storey private dwelling for a family of three in suginami, tokyo, japan. situated on a triangular
site between a river and a road, the design is a direct response to the characters and qualities offered by
the plot while remaining within the local permits and regulations of the area.

flyby views
images © hiroshi tanigawa

sculpted by the acute angle cut out by the constructible site, the house features an irregular
plan shape that slips into the narrow corner of the plot. the tapered end of the second level
juts over the base in a cantilever, highlighting the peaked roof form in a graphic manner.
clad in metallic brown panels, the volume stands as a solid structure with rectangular windows
extruding out of its elevation.

south elevation
image © hiroshi tanigawa

east elevation
image © hiroshi tanigawa

accommodating a private room at the ground level, the communal programs are placed on
the second floor and are flanked on both sides by stretches of windows. the kitchen on
the west end of the layout benefits from a double height ceiling and establishes sight lines
to a small loft level above. accessed by a ladder, the elevated area serves as a multifunctional
space with natural illumination from a large skylight. though small in size, the dwelling
provides a living space that visually extends the sense of space through both horizontal and
vertical openness.

image © hiroshi tanigawa

interior view of living space
image © hiroshi tanigawa

from kitchen
image © hiroshi tanigawa

loft level
image © hiroshi tanigawa

(left) view of spare room from loft
(right) overlooking the kitchen and dining space
images © hiroshi tanigawa

image © hiroshi tanigawa

image © hiroshi tanigawa

view of main entrance from bedroom
image © hiroshi tanigawa

night view
image © hiroshi tanigawa

site map

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level +1

floor plan / loft level

section a-a

section b-b

project info:

site area: 52.14 m2
building area: 29.07 m2
total floor area: 55.24 m2
structure: wood
storeys: 2

structural engineer: kentaro nagasaka
lighting designer: tatsuoki nakajima
contractor: hirano-kensetu

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