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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Tabanlioglu architects: istinye residence

'istinye residence' by tabanlioglu architects, istanbul, turkey
image © tabanlıoğlu architects

turkish practice tabanlioglu architects have designed 'istinye residence', a residential block comprised of three
buildings along the bosporus river in istanbul, turkey. formally reminiscent of wings, butterfly roofs at varied
orientations hover above the tree line opening views to the encompassing greenery and welcoming abundant
daylight inside. a transparent facade in conjunction with the interior's vaulted ceilings dissolve the boundary
between the internal and external environments.

bedrooms are placed near the perimeter of the plan arrangements while bathrooms are pulled inwards towards
the less illuminated center of each structure. terraces and balconies extend living spaces into the natural surroundings
while outdoor communal areas serve as a gathering platform for residents.

residence with river in the background

facade overlooking the landscape

perimeter path

interior living and loft areas overlooking the river

site plan

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level 1

floor plan / level 2




project info:

client: dilek gayrımenkul yatırım & turizm a.ş.
architectural project team: murat cengiz, çağrı akay, aybala öz, efe öner, seray öztürk, gökhan çatıkkaş, mine alsinevi
structural consultancy: emir engineering
mechanical consultancy: gn engineering
electrical consultancy: hb teknik
fire consultancy: prof. dr. abdurrahman kılıç
general coordinator: şükrü dökücü, consultant to president
construction area: 7.100 m²

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