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Saturday, 26 November 2011

MA2: two towers in shenzhen, china

'two towers' by MA2 architects in shenzhen, china
rendering © cz visual architecture 
all images courtesy of MA2

american architectural design firm MA2 has released a proposal for 'two towers', a joined set of skyscrapers located
in the financial district of shenzhen, china. the high-rise buildings showcase the possibilities of a glass facade in two contrasting,
yet unified, approaches. 
a flat glazed surface appears to have been manipulated, creating dynamic forms. the elongated diamond shapes protrude,
developing a seemingly organic combination of dimension. another application of the glass appears to be rippled,
creating visual movement in an otherwise static object. the undulation dips inward, exposing the structural levels while simultaneously
forming balconies. together, the towers reflect their surroundings while distorting the encompassing image.
at the summit of each building is a green roof, offing a view over the financial quarter while bringing nature
into an otherwise urban environment. 

street view rendering © cz visual architecture 

view of towers from nearby rendering © cz visual architecture 

application of the glass appears to be rippledrendering © cz visual architecture 

view from below rendering © cz visual architecture 

interior lobbyrendering © cz visual architecture 

night view from above rendering © cz visual architecture 

physical model 

detail of model


site plan

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