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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tissue housing development in gdynia

'housing development in gdynia' by mikolai adamus and igor brozyna, gdynia, poland
all images courtesy of mikolai adams and igor brozyna 

a collaboration between polish-based mikolai adamus and igor brozyna, 'tissue' is a proposal for an undeveloped plot 

in gdynia, poland. the surrounding area consists of typical single/multi-family houses, each with its own private garden.
the design explores the possibilities of clustering the housing units and grouping them into settlements,
creating a public park between. 
each structure consists of three levels. the ground floor serves a public function, offering a retail area, swimming pool, library etc.
offsetting the volumes allows for semi-public terraces above these spaces. on the upper two levels are the private homes.
decreasing the size of the upper  level allows light to enter the lower spaces. reserved for the residents of each unit
is their own private garden on the roof of their house, giving them a view over the entire settlement. 

layout generates more green space 

green walls integrate the housing units into the surroundings

view of facade demonstrates the stacked volumes of space 

terraces, parks and houses create an interplay between public and private spaces 

stacked structures create multi-level usable space 

site plan

detail of site plan

diagram illustrating the clustering of the houses and the functions which are fulfilled within 

concept diagram 

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