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Saturday, 26 November 2011

OFIS architects: alpine ski apartments

'alpine ski apartments' by OFIS architects, kranjska gora, slovenia

image © tomaz gregoric and jan celada
all images courtesy of OFIS architects 

slovenian practice OFIS architects has completed 'alpine ski apartments', a building in the small north-western town of
kranjska gora, slovenia. the shape of the structure is largely dictated by the plot size and strict building requirements.
once the maximum dimensions were established, the volume was manipulated by removing horizontal and vertical blocks
of space from the main mass. the inward sloping roof and horizontal cut conceals the chimneys and ventilation pipes.
the elimination of the corners produces voids for balconies. 
the housing complex consists of four storeys with a public pharmacy on the ground floor. the first and second levels have
six separate apartment units. the flexible layouts of various sizes take into consideration the possibility of being combined
into larger spaces in the future. the floor to ceiling glazing allows for unobstructed views of the mountainous region.
a common area in the basement is reserved for the residents featuring a sauna and leisure room.    

view from the backimage © tomaz gregoric and jan celada
the materials have been chosen to emulate the existing environment, while adding the durability and conveniences
of modern building elements. the facade consists of patterned cement tile cladding, an interpretation of the slate tile roofs
typically found in the region. instead of limiting the texture to the roof, it has been brought down and wrapped around
the exterior to create a continuous skin. to emphasize the form, the warm tones in the larch wood used for the balconies
contrast the monochromatic gray cement. this gives the impression that the building has been cut to reveal the external spaces.
a vernacular stacked stone at the ground level replaces the cement indicating the internal separation between the private
and public areas.

larch balconies are above the entrance to the pharmacy image © tomaz gregoric and jan celada

(left) side view featuring full glazing 
(right) view of cement tile cladding images © tomaz gregoric and jan celada

street view image © tomaz gregoric and jan celada

side view as users approach the building 
image © tomaz gregoric and jan celada

angled roof gives the structure a less dominant appearance image © tomaz gregoric and jan celada

the balcony railing is composed of larch wood at different heights image © tomaz gregoric and jan celada

view from below as the users approach the building image © tomaz gregoric and jan celada

interior view of the stairs image © tomaz gregoric and jan celada

detail of handrails images © tomaz gregoric and jan celada

sloped windows on the top floor images © tomaz gregoric and jan celada

concept drawing of how the form came to be 

site plan

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level 1-2

floor plan / level -1

floor plan / roof level 


facade from all four directions 

project info:

location: kranjska gora
type: housing apartments
client:  GRADIS G group d.d
site area:  462 m2
building area:  177 m2
gross floor area: 457 m2
coverage ratio: 0,38
gross gloor gatio: 0,98
structure: reinforced concrete and steel
max height: 11.7 m
landscape area: 180 m2
inner space: 439 m2
design team: rok oman, spela videcnik, andrej gregoric, janja del linz, anna breda

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