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Saturday, 26 November 2011

White arkitekter: visitor centre vattenriket

'visitor centre vattenriket' by white arkitekter,  kristianstad, sweden
© åke e:son lindman

swedish practice white arkitekter has designed the 'naturum vattenriket' a visitor centre within a nature reserve 
just outside of kristianstad, sweden. across the river helge positioned a few hundred meters from the urban center, 
the structure becomes a visible landmark within a wetlands reserve. dedicated to waterfowl, the building screens
the lake side of the site from visitor reception. two timber bridges approaching from the east and west lead across 
the grasses, bushes and reeds, merging close to the center. the western path leads to the structure while the eastern walk
is recessed similar to a nest into the landscape. 

timber bridge leading to the center
image © åke e:son lindman

the drastically fluctuating water levels required the building to be raised four meters above ground to reduce 
the risk of flooding. the additional height creates ideal views of the wildlife and native vegetation from the 
upper level observation terrace. the fan-shaped exhibition room opens to the scenery while the southern elevation
is layered with pillars, glazed panels and sun shades to filter the direct sunlight into a soft illumination. wood is
the primary material choice as the facades are clad with heat-treated pine and the interior is surfaced with a pale pine.

lower and upper bridge
image © åke e:son lindman

image © åke e:son lindman

stairs leading to observation terrace
image © åke e:son lindman

view from the river helge
image © åke e:son lindman

aerial view
image © patrik olofsson

site plan

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level 1



project info:

head architects: fredrik pettersson and niels de bruin
client: kristianstad kommun
white's expertise: architecture, landscape, sustainability, exhibition
size: 1050 m2
timber bridge: 315 metres
cost: 96 million SEK

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