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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

BBVH architecten: cowboy house

'cowboy house' by BBVH architecten in amsterdam, the netherlands
all images courtesy BBVH architecten
images © luuk kramer

'cowboy house' by rotterdam-based architecture practice BBVH architecten (anouk riehl, joris van hoytema, 
erik leusink) is a three-storey private dwelling in for two graphic designers and their family in rotterdam,
the netherlands. influenced by the rustic qualities and aesthetic of abandoned wooden sheds, 
the design features rough cut pinewood elevations with large shutters that mimic stable doors. 

in context
image © luuk kramer

flanked on both sides by adjacent structures, the small project retains an unassuming presence 
by continuing the height of the block's roofline. the street elevation is marked by irregularly-sized 
rectangular windows and a garage door that slides open to the side. though flat as a surface, 
the facade gains subtle dynamism with the wooden panel work. the details of the window frames
are hidden behind the skin to enhance the image of a simple shed. 

street view
image © luuk kramer
working with a low budget, the construction of the residence utilized prefabricated light 
concrete elements. the walls and floors were assembled together like lego pieces which decreased
the building period to a few days. the garden at the back of the plot can be connected to the interiors 
by a set of shutters which remain porous for natural light and sight lines. 

(left) front facade
(right) windows
images © luuk kramer

detail of window frames
image © luuk kramer

garage door and entrance
images © luuk kramer

detail of facade treatment
image © luuk kramer

shutter doors to the garden
image © luuk kramer

half-opened stage
image © luuk kramer

reference image

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level +1

floor plan / level +2

floor plan / roof level

longitudinal section

front elevation

(left) garden elevation - open
(right) garden elevation - closed

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