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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Vikár & lukács architects: hungarian autoklub headquarters

'headquarters of hungarian autoklub' by vikár & lukács architects, budapest, hungaryimage © tamás bujnovszky
all images courtesy of 
vikár & lukács architects

budapest-based architecture studio vikár & lukács have recently completed the headquarters of the hungarian autoklub, 
a commission they won during a competition a few years ago. the main feature of the office building is the meter thick 
metal cladded ribbon, which wraps around the structure, creating the letter 'a'. the glass curtainwall is inset, 
creating interesting reflections on the metallic material. 

street view of building image © tamás bujnovszky
the main hall and service entrance are found on the ground floor lobby. the reception area has brightly colored acrylic which is
strategically used for way-finding, while it incorporates the autoklub branding. the subsequent levels are office spaces of various sizes.
the rooftop terrace is meant as an outdoor meeting space. to free the roof of technical devices,
geothermal energy systems are used for heating and cooling. 
located close to the danube bridge, the building is meant to be a landmark for drivers.

details of facade materials images © tamás bujnovszky

image © gabor f. tóth

reception area image © gabor f. tóth

meeting room image © gabor f. tóth

interior view of office image © gabor f. tóth

upper floor terrace image © gabor f. tóth

main entrance to the lobbyimage © tamás bujnovszky

at nightimage © tamás bujnovszky

night-time aerial view image © civertan

site plan

floor plan

front and side elevations


sketches and model

project info:

year of design: 2007
built: 2010-11
built area: 3430 meters squared
client: magyar autoklub

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