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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

West 8: st. petersburg pier competition shortlist

'the st. petersburg people's pier' by west 8, st. petersburg, florida
all images © west 8
all images courtesy of the st. petersburg design competition

'the st. petersburg people's pier', a proposal designed by the new york office of international architecture firm west 8 has been 
shortlisted in the st. petersburg pier international design competition to redesign the existing structure for the bayside city in florida.
the pier is elevated to ten feet above the water's surface, the 100 year storm surge level, and serves as a pedestrian bridge to the
iconice 'eye' pavilion. the underside of the walkway will contain ornate detailing visible to the boaters which pass underneath.
prefabricated into 120 foot spans, the pier may be easily and quickly installed with minimal maintenance to the infrastructure 
over its lifespan. lighting elements along the path will contain an elevated platform encouraging native pelicans to roost upon 
the posts.

the people's pier leading to the eye pavilion

the ultimate destination is a rounded pavilion formed with precast concrete, which will age gently with time as the salt water
creates a patina on the surfaces. the form facilitates gathering spaces during many weather conditions along with using passive
systems to eliminate the need to use utilities for air conditioning. the sculpture is divided into three vertical levels welcoming
ocean breezes into the concession floor and community areas. the oculus generates a chimney effect, pulling ventilation through 
the open rooftop. a promenade panorama deck offer #60 degree views of the tampa bay and mainland city.

elevated 'panorama ring' overlooking the overlooking the 'panorama deck'

restaurant at pier level

community gathering within the belly chamber of the pavilion

aerial view of the eye

aerial view of the pier and pavilion

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