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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Moederscheimmoonen architects: multi-purpose sports facility

'multi-purpose sports facility building' by moederscheimmoonen architects in houten, the neatherlands
all images courtesy of moederscheimmoonen architects

dutch firm moederscheimmoonen architects has completed the design for a multi-purpose sports facility in houten, the netherlands.
the building will be used by local sports clubs for activities including hockey, baseball and handball.
outside of physical recreation, the property will also be used for educational purposes and as a social meeting point for the community. 
the double layered structure is surrounded by various sports fields. the sloping grass banks hide the ground floor while allowing
direct access to the level above. the entrance below the ground leads to the dressing rooms and storage areas. the main floor,
accessible from the surrounding terraces, houses the the canteen and multifunctional areas. the modern,
minimalistic materials chosen contrast with the natural surrounding. the clean lines of the wood and glass allow the sports fields
and vegetation to play an important role in the overall design. 

view of terrace and surrounding area 

wood and glass exterior 

interior view of cafe and bar 

site plan 

floor plan / level 1 

floor plan / level 0 

north elevation 

west elevation 

south elevation 

east elevation 

project info:

architect: moederscheimmoonen architects
location: houten, the netherlands
project architect: erik moederscheim
project team: erik moederscheim, ruud moonen 
structural engineering: CAE nederland BV
installation advisor: DWA
client: municipality of houten
gross floor space: 1,100 sqm

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