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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

FREE: mexic-arte museum, austin

'mexic-arte museum' by FREE, austin, texas
all images courtesy of FREE

Conceived by the mexican and US based firm, FREE (Fernando Romero EnterprisE) have designed a new museum that 
will showcase mexican art in downtown austin, texas. the mexic-arte museum has presented the design of its future venue. 
the new art center aims to uphold a mexican presence and sense of identity by representing itself as a world-class cultural institution.

The design is derived from elements of circularity found in mexican culture such as the aztec calendar and the pelota game. 
the circular structure is anchored by a central plaza that serves as the main entry. this iconographic silhouette shapes the building's identity without compromising the structural and programmatic efficiency of the floor plans. the rear of the structure is extended to contain the service entries and loading docks.

The dynamic facade allows perforations to become smaller in exhibition spaces to promise an optimal lighting environment 
for displayed items. the skin of the museum is equipped with LED light system that can be use as projection wall for images,
institutional advertisements or specific art projects.

visualization of the lobby area

visualization of the exhibition area


floor plan / level 0-1

floor plan / level 2-3

floor plan / level 4-5

floor plan / level 6-7

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