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Monday, 28 November 2011

ryszard rychlicki and agnieszka nowak: fashion museum omotesando, tokyo

fashion museum omotesando street, tokyo by h3ar

polish designers ryszard rychlicki and agnieszka nowak of h3ar created a 100 m tall tower
with 400 sq. meters of floors for their proposal for the fashion museum in omotesando street,
tokyo. the proposal was part of the international architecture competition, organized 
by arquitectum

a feature of the building is its lines in the structure of the tower - a clear gesture of form. 
considering the limited areas of storey's they decided to play around with the arrangement and 
the type of function, to shape the mass of the building properly. they achieved our objective 
by displacing formal communication passages within the tower to its left side. its modular 
spatial arrangement defines the shape of the mass. the skeleton of the building is wrapped 
with soft forms of stories. the module of a core communication has been shifted axially by 
10 degrees, thus causing full storey's to interconnect with mezzanines. the skeleton of the 
building also consists of emergency routes, elevators, vertical pipelines and media supply channels.

construction process of the structure of the building

floors of the tower

axonometric view

angles of the structure of the tower

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