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Saturday, 3 December 2011

OODA: istanbul disaster prevention + education centre

'istanbul disaster prevention + education centre' by OODA, istanbul, turkey
all images courtesy OODA

portuguese practice OODA created a proposal for the 'istanbul disaster prevention + education centre' international design
 to implement a facility to protect against and inform of the implications of natural disasters to be located 

within istanbul, turkey. the tilted axis of the geometrical structure is set within a landscape featuring a cultural turkish pattern 
generating a network of connections to the surrounding context. leading towards the iconic building, a series of walled pathways 
are carved into the constructed site and a park is placed upon the generated roof. programmatic spaces within the multiple 
and irregular levels intend to host courses, seminars and venues to develop public awareness about earthquakes and floods. 

view from the river

deriving from arabic patterns, the facade is manipulated to filter natural daylight entering specific internal areas,
becoming progressively more ornate from the north to the south elevations with an intermediary pattern along the
east and west facades.

approaching the main entrance

frames views from pathways carved into the constructed landscape

natural light filters through the facade derived from arabic patterns


perimeter corridor set within the geometric building form


at night

floor plan



facade study

structural diagram

circulation diagram

(left) required program shelter
(right) emergency shelter

site analysis diagram

program diagram

stabilization diagram

organization diagram

landscape diagram

facade diagram

the height of the IDPEC in relation to landmark and nearby structures

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