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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Michael Maltzan architecture + Tom leader studio: st. petersburg pier competition shortlist

'the lens' by michael maltzan architecture + tom leader studio, st. petersburg, florida
all images © michael matlzan architecture
all images courtesy of 
the st. petersburg design competition

los angeles-based practice michael maltzan architecture and berkeley-based landscape architecture practice tom leader studio 
have collaborated to produce 'the lens' a shortlisted proposal for the st. petersburg pier international design competition for the 
bayside city of st. petersburg, florida. the masterplan hope to generate a central and iconic element which connects the city 
with the waterfront creating a relationship with the bay. similar to a magnifying glass upon the water's surface, the sail-like 
structure rises from the water creating a framed view of the sky and horizon. two pedestrian paths cross each other at varied 
elevations provide alternative experiences for walking and bicycling.

pedestrian paths

interior docks

view of the water within the lens structure

sculpture walk

water park

aerial view of the pier

aerial view of the pier masterplan from the bay

aerial view of the pier masterplan from the bay

aerial view of the waterfront parks

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