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Monday, 7 November 2011

CO BUILDING, Badaro/Lebanon by Paul Kaloustian Architect

The office building is located on the main street of Badaro, a dense district in Beirut. The corner situation of the lot and the street alignment (with rigid shaped buildings) has led us to create a building with a different identity.
click image to enlarge - The 5th Floor Plan
By stacking the office spaces, we encourage a different reading of the office building. The stacked elements become independent offices reflecting each company inside and give the building a changing appearance depending on the angle of the viewer.
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We wanted a building with a complex and free massing structure that will affect the experience of the people living inside as well as the impact on the surrounding context.
By contrast with the existing office buildings in the area, which rely on repetition and uniformity, the CO building reflects a new typology of independent office spaces with complex and surprising exterior spaces generated by stacking and shifting offering transitions and views to the city.
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The general massing of the building is the result of the design strategy while respecting the envelope imposed by the building regulations of Beirut. This results in having office areas varying between 280m2 and 450m2.
Project Details:
Location: Badaro, Lebanon
Type: Offices
Architect: Paul Kaloustian Architect
Lot area: 1066 m2
Built-up area: 5700 m2
Design phase: development

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