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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Contemporary airport design 2

shenzhen airport, china
by massimiliano fuksas architects (2008)

massimiliano fuksas:

bangkok international airport, thailand
by murphyjahn architects (1995-2004)

the new bangkok international airport is a hub of culture, with thai artifacts displayed throughout.
the overall aesthetic of the airport is also reminiscent of traditional thai architecture, linking the airport
to the culture of thailand that lies outside the airport walls. the airport is also home to a large rooftop trellis
which is meant to unify nature and architecture, expressing both the functional and architectural advantages
the structure has to offer.

murphyjahn architects:

beijing international airport, china
by foster + partners (2003-2008)

beijing has now become home to the world's largest airport, designed by foster + partners 
and built to accommodate the masses of people who will be traveling to beijing for the 2008 olympics. 
some of the main issues that were brought to light were environmental, concerning the amount of pollution
that would potentially be produced with such a high volume of traffic going through the terminal. 
rory mcgowan, the director of building engineering at the beijing office of arup, has said that the 
beijing airport will become one of the most environmentally sustainable airports.

the 'scales' on the roof have been designed and plalced in such a way to harness the sun's rays,
warming the structure during the cool winter months and utilizing the shade in the summer.
not only is the roof a demonstration the environmentally conscious approach that was taken with
the airport's design, but it is also an expression of chinese culture, with a long tail, golden roof
and triangular skylights which are meant to resemble the form of a dragon, a symbol of china's imperial history.

foster + partners:

heathrow international airport, terminal 5, UK
by roger stirk harbour + partners (1989-2008)

roger stirk harbour + partners have been involved in a number of airport designs and heathrow's terminal 5
has just been added to the list. the curved roof and bands of glazing allow natural daylight to flow through,
leading passengers through the building in a somewhat logical progression from their point of check-in
to their point of embarkation.

roger stirk harbour + partners:

hyderabad international airport, india
by GMR group, malaysia airports,
government of andhra pradesh,
and airports authority of india (2008)

gmr group:

bangalore international airport, india
by kaufmann van der meer + partner AG (2000-2008)

finally, bangalore has see the construction of an international airport for this growing metropolitan centre of india.
the plan is a modular expandable airport which uses local materials, plans and other elements
into the overall construction.

kaufmann van der meer + partner AG:

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