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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Contemporary airport design 4

Jeddah international airport, saudi arabia by office for metropolitan architecture (2005)

jeddah international airport is only used six weeks out of the year, when over two million muslims arrive for
the hajj pilgrimage to mecca. the main terminal is shaped like a ring with a lush oasis at its core.

office for metropolitan architecture:

sendai international airport, japan
by HOK with azusa sekkei co. ltd. (2005)

with much japanese architecture, once a conceptual direction has been agreed upon, it becomes the main
focus in the design process and narrative of the building. the concept behind japan's senddai international airport
pulls from the mountainous landscape and undulating sea edge that surrounds it, which is translated into curved,
waving roofs.

hellmuth, obata and kassabaum:
azusa sekkei co., ltd.:
read more via designbuild-network

ben gurion international airport, terminal 3, israel
by moshe safdie, SOM, karmi architects
and TRA associate architects (2004)

the goal for this airport's design aesthetic, was to focus on trying to illustrate israel's culture and climate.
at the centre of the airport's is a rotunda which contains a shallow dish. the rotunda invites sunlight into the
interior and includes a skylight at the apex of the dome that channels rainwater as a waterfall.
it was the goal of SOM's principal charge, roger duffy, that terminal 3 would be a manifestation of i
srael's modern day society, juxtaposed against the history and culture which is very important to the israeli people.

the landscape architecture of the airport has played upon similar themes of culture.
landscape architects shlomo and barbara aronson wanted to marry the airport to its agricultural landscape
which is made up citrus groves and agricultural fields. it is clear that the landscape design of the airport is
an hommage to the physical iconographic landscape, from the coastal plains of tel aviv,
to the mountainous terrain of jerusalem.

moshe safdie and associates: htttp://

madeira funchal airport extension, portugal
by segadães tavares e associados (2003)

the landing strip at portugal’s funchal airport is a bit risky. it designed much like an overpass above the water
receiving planes flyon a narrow surface area. however, this is accompanied by a beautiful view of
the coastal shores of portugal.

incheon international airport, korea
by fentress architects (2001)

voted 'best airport worldwide' for three years running, the architecture of
incheon international airport has stayed away from the sterile, generic and high-tech feeling
that many other contemporary airports have. the design is meant to be warm and inviting,
with elements of korea's rich heritage and culture embedded into the architecture.

fentress bradburn architects:

sondica international airport, spain
by santiago calatrava (2000)

isantiago calatrava's sondica airport was a challenging feat, constructing and rebuilding around the airport's
existing infrastructure. it is an aerodynamic piece of infrastructure which speaks of calatrava's
architectural language. inspired by nature, it resembles a bird taking flight.

santiago calatrava:

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