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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

MVRDV: transformation of dijon mustard laboratory

new design of the 'dijon mustard laboratory' by MVRDV in dijon, france
all images courtesy MVRDV

dutch office MVRDV has been chosen to transform an old dijon mustard laboratory into a new call center 
and an education center by the french city of dijon and teletech international. working with a low budget, 
the project is a practice in re-use, aiming to stand as a model example for the future of other empty and
unused buildings throughout europe. 

rendered exterior view

originally completed in 2004, the four-storey building is relatively simple in form and volume. 
no major alterations are made to the structural make-up and the facade is not exchanged as a result of 
the limited construction budget. instead, a new identity is assigned to the center by a simple print of 
a flashcode, which covered the exterior surface of the volume. this finish not only clearly communicates 
the activities of the company within, but also serves as a visual landmark in the area. 


as a response to the irregular office hours of the new call center, the design is an opportunity in
creating a new and alternative work environment with flexible spaces. different qualities such as silent, 
open or secluded places are offered. in the off-hours, the call operators can make use of a new 
education center, gallery and projects incubator located within the buildling. many of the spaces are
arranged informally to encourage group interaction and open communication. a large atrium further 
enlists a community feeling for the inhabitants. 

work space


building - before image

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