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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Buenos Aires Contemporary Museum of Art

In the current proposal for a Contemporary Museum of Art in Buenos Aries, the inception is based on synergetic plays of volumes and interlink-interlacing manifolds of tectonic forms and panels that create a dynamic fluxion of mass, surfaces and lines. The articulations involved relay on formal masses in an arrangement or in a cohesive group that perform more than the sum of its parts. The museum is multi-layered and composed of radiant volumes and pieces which converge in a poly-operational, structural, and sensuous array of tectonics. The effect of multi-generative forms grouped and working together as a performative whole is a diverse set of fluid and crystallized components strategically placed for an outcome of a dynamic structure, which valiancy plays a role in the visual and experiential impact of the viewer.
A museum designed by MA2 is produced in which tectonics and space is operating in a field of “Fluxion Synergies”. These fields of cooperative interactions of fluid forms and synergized lines which also produce a series of desired patterns like that of the classical line work of the “Guilloche”, or creating “The Guilloche Effect”. By approaching the design of the museum with a generative and vector approach to space, volume, and form, the result is a building with intensity that affect the visual senses in an interesting and dynamic experience.

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