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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Sustainable Pavilion by St. André-Lang Architects Made From Corn and Wood

'tourner autour du ried' by st. andré-lang architectes

Armed with a 7000€ budget st. andré-lang architectes have designed 'tourner autour du ried' a 20 sqm housing prototype constructed in a protected area in the village of muttersholtz, in the north-east of france. the pavilion has been designed to follow a simple generative shape, namely a circle, allowing for views of the entire surrounding landscape. characterized by the presence of a light shaft in its middle, the indoor set-up has consequently been chosen according to the sun’s position and its daily east-to-west cycle. 

To the north - the entrance side - a low-ceiling volume (night/sleeping area) leads to a social/working one in the eastern part of the building;  a more generous space in the southern part opens up to the sky. the design is closely linked to all the natural elements with the rhythm
of the openings dependent on the sun’s position as well. the facade - besides operating as a partition between the inside and the outside - becomes functional and takes on a new dimension. its form is influenced by the corn dryers in the alsace plains which are used for cob drying and storage -
dried corn cobs fill the interior wood structure and external stainless steel mesh exterior to form the walls and act as insulation and protection. As the living unit transitions with the seasons, the building's external characteristics blur the immediate reading of the object,
almost erasing the pavilion itself. the central patio, at the heart of 'tourner autour du ried', mirrors the desire to let nature enter the house. the furniture, consisting of just one block extending around the entire house, integrates the needs of different daily activities.
planted with local species, this building becomes a metaphor for the natural landscape of the ried in alsace. in this way, it lies at the meeting point between unspoiled nature and controlled cultivation, becoming the basis for sustainable development.

The living space is situated in a protected area in the north-east of france amongst corn fields

The facade's openings are positioned to take advantage of the sun’s position

The circular shape of the structure allows views of the surrounding environment

The entrance is located at north

The facade is influenced by traditional corn dryers and becomes functional

The one block furniture extends the entire perimeter of the pavilion

Despite its compact size, the pavilion integrates the needs of various daily activities

Openings from the inside



Construction detail

project info:

project: tourner autour du ried
design: january-march 2012
completion: may 2012
location: muttersholtz, france
area: 20 sqm
budget: 7000€ incl. vat
materials: douglas fir, stainless steel wire netting, corn cobs, PVC free canvas

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