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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


The Guadalajara Library Building Design seeks to re-establish an eco-systemic relationship between knowledge and the natural environment.   Like a living sponge, the perimeter of the building corrugates and inflects to mediate between both the cultural flows of the University Cultural Complex in which it is situated, and the organic flows of light, wind and views.  These folds create a series of exterior reading terraces and “wind scoops”, which are all oriented in relationship to prevailing wind directions, to help naturally ventilate the balconies and the building skin.  At the same time, the central core establishes a radial organization for the library, as the different spaces of the building branch out to accommodate a dynamic library collection and patron population. This radial organization is structured by a subdivision mesh, which mediates between various resolutions of densities to accommodate different performative inflections within the building skin. On the roof, this is manifested in the radiating distribution of deep skylights for natural lighting of the reading rooms and a series of louvers for shading of the roof terrace. On the façade, a dense and deep set of folds creates a system of sunshades. On the south façade, these inflections are long and horizontal, while on the north, east and west facades, the inflections become smaller and more vertical.  The horizontal sunshades on the south façade also serve as light shelves to reflect light onto the ceilings so to project indirect lighting deep into the floor plate of the building.
subdv: Anne Save de Beaurecueil, FranklinLee, Tadasi Akeho, Yang Yeh Fun Jaguaribe Ekman, Sylvio Guilherme Yang Jaguaribe Ekman
Design Team: Pauline Santoso, Hinki Kwong, Diego Lopez, So Sugita, Haewon Lee

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