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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


In contrast to the large Cultural Centre and Headquarters Project for the Union of Inhabitants of Paraisópolis Favela (U.M.C.P.) on the perimeter of the favela, SUBdV is now working on a series of smaller-project interventions for the U.M.C.P. within the favela itself, in direct conjunction with single private agencies.  For one project, Santander is both establishing a community bank branch and funding the new facilities for the Literacy School (Escola de Povo) of the U.M.C.P., which is now currently housed in poorly suited spaces throughout the favela. The 500m2 project consists of a renovation of and a new construction within an existing building in the centre of the favela. In addition to the bank facilities and five new classrooms for the Escola de Povo, the program includes a covered outdoor event space, a café, an internet centre, a projection room, and the administrative offices of the U.M.C.P. directors.  The street façade will use a high-tech/low-tech strategy of a parametrically-generated solar-responsive skin made of multi coloured nylon tubes and curved pipes.  Another high-low environmental strategy is the transformation of the ubiquitous water tank to serve as a clerestory skylight reflector to bring diffused natural light to the classroom spaces.  A plan is to establish a public-art scheme where different artists would be invited to paint these water-tank skylights, which could then be deployed throughout the favela to help resolve poor lighting conditions, and establish a novel skyline landscape.

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