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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Carbon Fiber Bench / Filippo Nassetti

Material research
Extreme lightness, resistance and shapeability are the main properties of the carbon fiber that pushed this research into its design possible uses. A_seat is a bench for multiple people that can be easily moved while offering great resistance to loads with minimal thicknesses and a great opportunity to experiment with geometry, due to its flexibility in adapting to different shapes.
Form research
The form system that drives the design process can be named as quad-folded geometry, meaning a complex system of multiple quadrangular elements informed by the basic rule of connecting and articulating throught folds. This process framework allows to manage a set of discrete functions (structure, support, seating) throught a single form system, pushing a research on continuity.
Material and form research are integrated in a single design process employing advanced design techniques whose aim is the development of an integrated and coherent language.

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