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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

ShaGa studio: Netanya municipality tower

'netanya municipality tower' by ShaGa studio, netanya, israel
all images courtesy ShaGa studio

amsterdam-based ShaGa studio in collaboration with shyovitz architects has proposed the 'netanya municipality tower' in 
the old city center of netanya, israel. positioned between the local market, hertzel street and cultural institutions, 
the city hall is encompassed with an urban park which takes the shape of a green heart, transitioning the horizontal landscape 
in ribbons into a spiraling tower of atriums. adjacent to a sea-side square, the green space will become a focal element, 
creating a hybrid of leisure, culture and civic services. regenerating the area and defining a new identity for the coastal
city with services for the residents and visitors.

aerial view

within the structure, public, cultural and municipal programs are interwoven, therefore integrating the functions
to blur boundaries of hierarchical perception while introducing transparency, environmental responsibility, 
comfort and efficiency. the tower serves as a landmark which redefines relationships between residents and their
local government.
the exterior's geometrical transformation is a result of continuous string of ten stacked atriums which 
spiral upward throughout the building's height. the jigsaw effect of the facade allows air intake based upon
external air pressure differences and is reflected in a ribbon of changing colors. horizontal louvers along the offices
protect from the changing angles of the sun during winter and summer.

site plan



atrium and spine organization

atrium spiral facade

weaving of cultural and municipal functions

atrium cross ventilation

rings depth

solar diagram

sectional transition

solar rings

project info:

shaga studio: gary freedman, jenny hill 
in collaboration with shyovits architects: moti shyovitz, ran goldman 
visualisation: design team +moka studio

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