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Monday, 2 January 2012

Vaumm arkitektura: basque culinary center

'basque culinary center' by vaumm arkitektura, donostia-san sebastián, spain
all images courtesy of vaumm arkitektura

the 'basque culinary center' is the head office for the gastronomic science university and research innovation center for 
gastronomic science in donostia-san sebastián, spain by spanish firm vaumm arkitektura. the result of a collaborative venture 
between mondragon university and the basque culinary center foundation, the structure will merge the functions of training,
research and knowledge sharing between educational institutions, technology centers, companies and public entities. sited within the
steep slope, the U-shaped footprint emerges from the hill to enclose an open air internal green space of stepped terraces. 
the sloping terrain reveals a building volume reminiscent of stacked dinner plates set within the landscape.

five shifting bands bordering each storey conceal wrap-around verandas which allow panoramic views of the rugged scenery.
the roof plane is blanketed with aromatic and edible herbs.

exposed facade resembles stacked dish plates

(left) permeable pavers encompass the building
(right) view of building within the hilly landscape

roof plane planted with herb merges with the hill

entry promenade

U-shaped building footprint creates an internal and outdoor green space

bridge traverses the descending vegetated terraces, connecting one side of the building to the other

lowest of the descending vegetated terraces

wrap around verandas overlook the encompassing landscape

graphic metal panel facade

metal panels at dusk




vegetated terraces

view towards the lowest terrace

upward view from the lowest terrace

illuminated view of the stacked plates

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level 1

floor plan / level 2

floor plan / level 3

floor plan / level 4


conceptual diagram

facade diagram

metal panels of facade

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